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We have a skill never to kill creativity!

Our services are focused on business events, graphic design and development of digital experiences. We are quite creative, quite small and quite flexible. That why our big clients like us!


Graphic design

New visual identity, redesign of the old one, branding, rebranding, image design, publications design, illustrations, packaging design, advert visuals and much more... We don’t wanna brag, but - we can do it all!

UX Design

Bad digital experience - we don't like it. As a matter of fact, we hate it. And that's why we give our best to help you understand your users needs when improving your products and services.

UI and Web Design

To achieve great design, it is important to have great business thinking. That’s why we (you) work best when you pair with us. Bringing ideas into life is what we do, and we make sure to make it good and as fun as slide in the snow. When we are happy, you’ll be happy too.


Our developers are like bees. They work hard to immplement all of our cray and crazier ideas. Back and front, all “Ends” end up working smoothly on multiple platforms across computer, tablet and mobile devices.


We are open to help you recognize the right decisions in terms of visual communication. Improve the way people see you online (and offline) and build the audience who will follow your work and use your products and services.

Event Organizing

Small event, big event, formal or casual - we can manage everything and adapt to any budget. Our team takes care of every detail - brainstorming, creative work, planing, invitations, coordination, gift selection, production, delivery and execution.



Krikem is our solution for complete event management. It is a web-based application that lets you manage contact databases, create event newsletters, prepare registration sites, invoices, ticket types, transfer & accommodation offers, name badges.

Our long-term Clients