We love ambitious people, and would love you to enrich our team with your skills & personality.

We love ambitious people, and would love you to enrich our team with your skills & personality.

Ambition is fuel for dreams, and without it, you’ll never make them real. Krik studio is a place where you can grow professionally and personally. We cherish humility, creativity, and independence, and would love you to meet you. Together we can make our dreams come true.


A-Class. Nothing less.

You’re not on a small project because you’re new – we don’t do small things and our clients are major league players. All ideas are welcome, and you’re directly on the creative frontlines, working on A-Class stuff from day one.

Passion over fashion

We work hard and play harder, and we’re serious about it. We often host events, parties and hang arounds, and we’ll go wild if you leave the office, and the party is just starting!

Real recognise real

Salaries above the industry standard, tech of your choice and official phone for a start, and a stimulation for exceptionally done projects. Yeah, we recognise and value real effort, and encourage you to to run with your heart when the legs fail you! Good work always pays off!

Flexin' 24/7

Everyone has their own, unique rhythm – we have backend devs that prefer sunrise, as well as designers that prefer sunsets. Working hours are flexible, so you can work on your peak and keep your life in balance.

Ping-pong improves thinking

Our office will make you smile – spacious and full of light, it’s right in the middle of Zagreb’s business district. There is plenty of room for you to get in the zone, and most legendary Nintendo Wii and ping-pong battles often happen in the middle of deadlines.

We're not too cool for school

No one knows everything and everyone is empowered to contribute. Life is about widening our knowledge – from conferences to educations & specialised workshops, all around the globe, we never stop learning, teaching and sharing.

We’re always hiring – send us an email and explain why you’re perfect fit for us!
We love working with freelancers – do you have a special skillset that we could use?

Afraid of heights? That’s a problem you’ll have to solve in your first flight, ’cause selfies from Burj Khalifa will make your Mom proud!


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