PPD Croatia d.o.o.


UX, UI, SAP integration, payment systems integration



Drinks on us!

When the PPD Croatia team came to us with the insights and request to develop a Webshop for selling coffee and beverages – we immediately said yes. No, the main reason is not our love for coffee or whisky, but the challenge we saw in this project.

In short, we designed a unique Webshop and set up a complex backend that handles and drags information and inquiries from several systems.

(Atomic) Design

When starting the design process our first question was how can we get the users to perceive the smell of their favorite coffee or taste of that special drink they love when they visit the Webshop? Taking care of every detail is a must and the best way to do it is by applying the atomic design methodology in the design process. We have designed all foundational elements, connected them to the pages, and made them exquisitely work together.

Photos and visuals are the storytellers on the Webshop, and we have cropped, edited and created more than 500 pieces. Transforming the desktop layout into mobile was very challenging since we wanted both layouts to bring all important information to the users and conversion for sales. With simple, clean and responsive design we have created an attractive and intuitive Webshop.

Taking care of every detail is a must.


What you see is just one piece of this project. When it comes to developing a Webshop – most of the tricky stuff is in the backend, especially if you are integrating and syncing it with the client’s SAP system and adding various payment options.

The Webshop is built on the WooCommerce platform. It is configured and linked to the client’s existing SAP system. The SAP software system is the most-used ERP in the market, and it creates a centralized system for businesses that enables every department to access and share data to create a better work environment. Every single update of products, prices and the number of items in stock that are made in SAP, is automatically shown on the Webshop. We have developed a custom API that uses SOAP API to keep the Webshop up to date with the client’s large array of products and to keep the shop running and processing orders without interruptions or downtime.

What you see is just one piece of this project.

The next step was integrating the taxation system and automatic invoicing system for receiving orders. Alongside, we have integrated payment systems like KEKS Pay, credit cards, cash on delivery and bank transfer. Other payment systems such as Google Pay can be easily integrated.

When a customer creates an order, the invoice is sent within 15 minutes, and all the order details are automatically passed to the SAP for processing and issuing the order to the customer. The comprehensive process rounds up to perfection.